Peer Review

We are maximizing the impact of research through insightful peer review. We combine an unbiased approach of the utmost efficiency with a peer review process that is constructive and thoughtful, utilizing multiple reviewers for each submitted manuscript. We maintain anonymity throughout the review process, ensuring that the identities of reviewers remains unknown to the authors.

Authors may suggest 3-5 potential reviewers and 1-2 suitable members of the editorial board. Authors may also exclude up to 5 potential reviewers

Copy Editing

We seek to improve readability and ensure accuracy of all manuscript content published in our journals. To accomplish this, we provide thorough professional copyediting services. As an additional service, we also provide authors with English writing services which is especially useful for non-English authors.

Manuscript Preparation

Presentation is important. For this reason, we offer thorough manuscript preparation that begins when your paper is reviewed and continues until its publication. All manuscripts will be formatted to our standard and will be published in their final form.

The process of manuscript preparation includes:

  • the composition of text in accordance with the editorial style of each article type
  • formatting with the optimal display of manuscript’s sections, figures and tables
  • the processing of figures in the proper format and providing a high quality of images
  • the checking the accuracy of references

All publications also receive these added features


Our journals offer Altmetric Article Reports for all the papers we publish. Altmetric provides real-time tracking of article coverage in digital and traditional media channels, providing reliable statistics long before traditional citations begin to accrue.


We specialize in high-quality, on-demand printing of articles and full journals. If you wish to learn more about our reprint services, or would like to order a reprint of your paper, please do not hesitate to call.


Our job doesn’t stop once your paper has been published in an issue. We work with authors to promote their research with a comprehensive post publication promotion package.