Editorial Department

The Editorial Office is happy to assist with all aspects of submission and peer review. We are here for authors and reviewers to answer any questions about submission requirements, to provide technical assistance for our peer review site, and to facilitate communications between authors, reviewers, readers and our editors.

Production Department

The production department is here to answer all your questions about accepted papers in Oncotarget. We insure your final published paper is of the highest quality and accuracy. We also provide publication details and formatting guidance, accommodate requests for cover placement, and arrange embargo dates for press releases.

External & Legal Affairs

The Department of External & Legal Affairs assists with all post publication manuscript management and promotion. We can help with press releases, Altmetric article reports, social media, blog & news outlet coverage, video interviews, conference sponsorship requests and much more. Do not hesitate to reach out so that we can assist in making your contributions to the progress of science rapidly and widely available.

Billing Department

Rapamycin Press’ Billing and Payment Department is happy to help you with all your payment needs. Whether you would like to make a payment for your manuscript, require an invoice to be modified or split, would like to request a discount or waiver, or require Rapamycin Press to be set up as a vendor for your university, we are available between the hours of 9AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday.

Reprints Department

The Rapamycin Press reprints Team is happy to assist with all your needs relative to printing a single article, a full issue, AOP or a special collection from the journals we publish, shipped all over the world.